Wednesday, June 3, 2009

top 10 reasons to date an architect

1. all night long, all night strong.
2. we are damn good with our hands.
3. if we can commit to chipboard, relationships should be easy.
4. you should see the things we erect.
5. used to doing things over and over again.
6. finishing early never happens.
7. we know the true meaning of interpretation
8. creative positioning.
9. work well in groups
10. entry and passage are always exciting.

i don't need sex-the school of architecture fucks me all the time

(not original - from a facebook group, but i totally relate)

If you are architecture students you've probably experienced:
-the taste of wood glue
-changes in your vocabulary: homework to project, ball to sphere, etc
-you don't understand how somebody can spend less than $20 at the supplies store
-you hate people telling you "go to sleep" or "do you still have a lot of work?"
-your friends and you don't have the same concept of work "oh, well do it right before class"
-you've slept more than 20 straight hours on weekends
-you can easily discuss with authority the effects of caffeine on different drinks
-no matter the effort you put in a project, somebody will always say “why don’t you add this" or “why don’t you change this here" or “i think that…but…yeah, its ok"?
-you’ve heard all your ipod songs in a week
-you aren’t seen in public without bags under your eyes
-whenever you get invited somewhere, it is followed by “or do you have a lot of homework?"
-you’ll dance ymca with a choreography without a drop of alcohol in your system
-you write down a quick message with rapidographs, lead holders, markers and ink
-you constantly make up excuses for courses that are not design related why you didn’t do your work
-you have more pictures of landscapes and places than of people
-your worst nightmare consists of not finishing a project
-someone once called you “lazy" and you wanted them murdered
-you can live without human contact, sunlight, food, but if your plotter’s ink runs out… chaos!!!
-when somebody lends you a Bic pen you look down at it
-you don’t care about sports cars, your favorite car is the one where you can put in your model and your huge computer
-you design spectacular things without an idea of the cost
-you have the modern mark: a blister in your palm’s hand for the constant use of your mouse
-everybody tells you how they admire your work, “but there is no money for it"
-you’ve gained the ability to sleep in whatever surface: pencils, keyboards, backpacks, your studio mates, food, etc
-you always have the idea that your project will always be recognized
-when you finally have free time to go out you keep thinking “who was the idiot that designed the restaurant’s bathroom?" “who designed this menu?" or “who designed this [chair, table, lighting, fork, etc]"
-you've been at many sunrises, yet you've never seen one (definitely my fave!!!!)
What do you do when you've been dating someone for six months, and he suddenly decides he wants to take your sis out. Your married sis.
I am so mad right now.... do some people think straight?!?!?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Addicted to Facebook. Need some help!! Did this quiz today where one had to choose between having -
the perfect lover
one million dollars.
I still can't make up my mind....

Friday, May 1, 2009

What do Mark Twain and the G-10 caucus have in common?

Answer: Their passion for total abstinence.

According to Mark Twain: Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it I even carry it so far as to totally abstain from total abstinence itself.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Always scan ads carefully before applying..

Reading between the lines is key when responding to ads nowadays... anything can be made to sound above-board:

Tired of being out of work? Sick of dead in jobs? Well then join our
hands on customer service team with plenty of perks. Close to home.
Pays really well. Has benefits. Social atmosphere. Room for
advancement. Elite clientele. On the job training with immediate hire,
no bosses looking over your shoulders. Beat the recession. Join our team
of well rounded ladies. Get paid for your hands on relaxation therapy
in a calm setting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A life lesson

THERE! little girl; don't cry!
They have broken your doll, I know;
And your tea-set blue,
And your play-house, too,
Are things of the long ago;
But childish troubles will soon pass by. --
There! little girl; don't cry!

There! little girl; don't cry!
They have broken your slate, I know;
And the glad, wild ways
Of your schoolgirl days
Are things of the long ago;
But life and love will soon come by. --
There! little girl; don't cry!

There! little girl; don't cry!
They have broken your heart I know;
And the rainbow gleams
Of your youthful dreams
Are things of the long ago;
But Heaven holds all for which you sigh. --
There! little girl; don't cry!

---James Whitcomb Riley